-Education/Instruction ​Through Project 23:22, Brandywine Creek Farms is able to help community gardens, urban farms, and existing production farms set aside small plots to grow food for their local food pantries and soup kitchens.  Brandywine Creek Farms offers Whole Farm Planning, horticultural instruction, and distribution planning.  

 -Plants, Seed, and Supplies  Brandywine Creek Farms plants thousands of seeds and plants.  Some of these are donated in such large amounts, that BCF can't plant them all in one season.  We also buy in large quantities, so fertilizer and other supplies can be distributed to our Project 23:22 Partners.  

  -Distribution  If you do not have a place to donate or do not have the means to do so, BCF will will take your excess produce.  While BCF does sell on a wholesale level to help cover expenses, NO PROJECT 23:22 produce is ever sold!  The produce that comes to BCF from a Project 23:22 partner is always aggregated into our produce donations.       

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