​Planting seeds...Plowing through the darkness

Jonathan Lawler Executive Director and Farmer
Jonathan has been a Humane Resources Executive for a Fortune 500 Transportation Company and has owned his own Transportation Consulting and Staffing Firm.  He has also owned and operated Lawler Farms, LLC a wholesale produce grower and distributor, up until 2014. He has now set his sights on ending hunger in Central Indiana, while empowering youth to self worth through life skills.    


Our Goal for 2016 is to grow 500,000 lbs of fresh produce and humanely raised beef and pork.  We are also implementing a mobile farmers market to go into food deserts.   

A threefold ministry


Fresh Produce production is not like any other kind of farming.  It is labor intensive and is as much an art as a science.  We will need your help in order to make a difference.  

our leadership team

Mission & Vision

Feeding the hungry and food insecure - While the work of food pantries and soup kitchens is invaluable to our community, the one thing they always lack is an abundance fresh produce and protein in the from of beef/pork.  The child hood obesity and diabetes epidemic among the poor is at an all time high, because of ready access to cheap, processed junk food.  Food deserts also make it difficult to find produce and when it is available it is often too expensive to be included in family meal planning. 

Reaching At Risk Youth - Do you remember working on your Grandparent's or an Uncle's farm for the summer?  It taught you so many life skills and the value of hard work and if you are truly honest with yourself...  You had a great time! That is why farming is a way of life and not just a job.  Positive role models mentoring and ministering to the at risk youth.  We can change their lives with dirt, seeds, and a helping hand. 
Helping Veterans Start their own Farms - By giving them an opportunity to intern, they can learn agricultural- related skills and experience.

​With your help we can make a difference!!!

Making a Difference

There are over 150,000 men, women, and children who are hungry or food insecure in Central Indiana.  There are also areas where no fresh food is available.  We are going to change that!

Amanda Lawler Director of Volunteers and Teen Outreach
Jonathan's better half, Amanda has her degree in Biblical Counseling and Studies from Word of Life College and is also an accomplished artist.  Amanda grew up on a large farm in Central Ohio and as a child and teen won numerous 4H events with livestock. Amanda sees her role as more than just a provider of services, but actually getting people back in touch with the real teachings of Jesus.  

Working the land offers an unique way to connect with our Creator. The sense of peace and serenity that comes from planting seeds and watching them grow into food to nourish others, especially those in need is incomparable. We look to feed the hungry in our community and surrounding areas. We will pool volunteers from at risk youth, local churches and those who just wish to donate their time or learn more about farming. We are also partnering veterans groups to establish internships so that those individuals can learn farming and move on to establish their own farm. We believe that feeding the body, mind and soul through nutrition, education and our spiritual commitment will  impact our community in unprecedented ways.