Jonathan Lawler Speaking Engagement 

  • Jonathan is passionate about agriculture and is well versed in organic, sustainable, and conventional methods of large scale, commercial diversified vegetable production. 

  • Jonathan is an expert in supply chain management, logistics, and distribution and has used this knowledge to create sustainable, cost effective, and most importantly affordable access points through both mobile and site markets as well as an internal food hub for distribution purposes.  

  • Speaking topics include, Agriculture, Food Deserts, Urban Farming, Mobile Markets, Affordable Access, Local Food, Food Hubs, National Food Distribution, Agrimarketing, Agritourism and many more. 

  • Jonathan's Honorarium is based on event and location.  Jonathan does not travel outside of Indiana from March through October due to his farm operations.  To book Jonathan for your event please CLICK HERE. For his bio, please CLICK HERE.