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Planting seeds...  Plowing through the darkness. Working the land offers a unique way to connect with our Creator.  The sense of peace and serenity that comes from planting seeds and watching them grow into food to nourish others, especially those in need is incomparable....  

Amanda Lawler

Director of Volunteers and Teen Outreach

  • 2015 Goal: 500,000 lbs of food produced and donated!
  • Health through education and diet
  • Helping to end the diabetes epidemic among the hungry and food insecure.
  • Living out the real teachings of our very real Savior, Jesus Christ.

Feeding Central Indiana's Hungry

Your financial donation goes so far on the farm.  Providing healthy, whole food for those who cannot afford it.

Hunger isn't seasonal, which is why our Biodynamic Farm is so important. We are able to continue into the winter months donating humanly raised beef, pork, and chicken. Devote a few dollars and an afternoon to the farm and see first-hand the families we help daily.


 A wonderful group of folks from the Greenfield, Indiana Starbucks donated a day of work on Lawler Farms(now Brandywine Creek) Plant-A-Row for the Hungry food plots.  The plants they planted that day raised over 1,000 lbs of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and zuchinni for local food pantries and soup kitchens.


The earth

  • Just $1.00 donated can equal 10-20lbs in food
  • Empowering at-risk youth through team building on the farm
  • Life lessons and life skills are learned everyday on the farm

Meet Our Team

We are in urgent need of financial donations to continue our mission.  We have at risk youth and our military veterans that are counting on you.  We are less than 8 weeks from our first planting and we need donations now!  Please help us serve those in need.


the Seeds

Jonathan Lawler

Executive Director and Farmer

Imagine a program to help end hunger in Central Indiana and at the same time encourage at risk youth and military veterans. 

We have....  Welcome to Brandywine Creek Farms.  

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Donate to make a difference in central Indiana!

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