Farmer for The Day

A Day on the Farm, a lifetime of memories!

Brandywine Creek Farms’ Farmer for the Day day camp is an interactive experience that is both fun and educational.

  • The day begins with staff introductions, including the farmer who runs the farm. 
  • BEES and BUGS!- Our interactive experience with a real life Beekeeper and how most bugs help the farm and some are bad.  This will include a look inside our deluxe observation hive!* 
  • Field to Fork-  How does food from the farm get to your plate?  Our farmers will show the kids the equipment, technology, and technique in our large commercial growing areas.  From watermelons to tomatoes, the kids will learn how they get their food from the American Farmer.
  • Lunch at the ChuckWagon-  Your kids will enjoy a healthy lunch served from an authentic chuckwagon.**  
  • Junior Ag Drone Pilot!- Your children will learn not only why we use drones on the farm, but how to pilot one!!! They will receive a Junior Ag Drone Pilot Certificate. 
  • Nature of Brandywine Creek- The children will go on a guided hike and will have the opportunity to see snakes, toads, frogs, birds of prey, deer, beavers, and so much more!  Our resident family of beavers likes to put on shows, so when we look at the beaver dam there is a good chance of seeing the beavers hard at work!
  • Livestock Encounter-  The children will hear from a real Large Animal Veterinarian about cattle, hogs, and chickens. They will meet our resident VERY TAME beef cow, Francine.  They will then meet Gertrude, our Dairy Cow.  After that, they will have an opportunity to collect eggs in the chicken coop.
  • TRACTOR TIME!!!- Tractor rides will be provided throughout the day in a late-model cab tractor with a jumpseat and safety belt.  Kids will have their choice of “tractor selfies” on antique or modern tractors.   
  • Windin’ Down at the Fishin’ Hole-  The kid’s final activity for the day will be catch-and-release fishing fun with cane poles while listening to stories from our staff.  

Farm Camp is from 9 am to 5 pm on the dates below.  All kids will receive a reusable bag and harvest a week’s worth of produce for their families. 

*If your child is allergic to stinging insects, please make sure they have THEIR rescue medication with them. We do keep Epipens here at the farm but prefer your child have what they have been prescribed. **

Camper Sign Up

Day Camp fee is 80.00 per Camper


Pay it FORWARD for a camper! We don’t want to see any child miss out on FARMER FOR A DAY!  You can help a child from a low income family!